MegaDeck® HD

Our large panel modular rig mats can handle the heaviest weights and are designed to create a stable, secure platform for personnel, vehicles, and equipment. Ideal for use in the oil and gas industries or at construction sites to create access for heavy vehicles, the mats feature durable aluminum cam locks that create a secure connection.


These portable roadway and access mats are an extremely durable and versatile alternative to traditional plywood mats. They offer significantly improved durability, are made from 100% recycled materials, are easy to handle and transport, and can support up to 80 tons over stable subsurfaces. DuraDeck comes in a variety of sizes and surface textures to suit different applications and is available in black or white.

Introducing SignaRoad™

Signature Systems Group’s new matting product designed to create a heavy-duty temporary roadway or pedestrian accessway quickly and easily. This high-quality 100% virgin HDPE composite matting is strong enough to withstand heavy-haul loads and versatile enough to be used in a myriad of diverse applications. From temporary roadways for remote utility repair projects to pedestrian accessways for concerts and music festivals, SignaRoad is ready to provide superior temporary access and ground protection with it’s superior design and easy-to-use connection system.



The ultimate turf-protection and modular pathway system can handle both heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This large-panel system features a durable cam-lock system for a positive connection between panels and is ideal for stadiums, arenas, and all types of tent events.


Highly versatile, snap-together turf protection system is perfect for pedestrian traffic and can even handle light vehicle traffic when placed over a stable subsurface. One of our most popular products for stadiums, schools, and event organizers.


Lightweight and very easy to install, this snap-together turf protection system is great for creating walkways or protecting turf at stadiums and special events. Separates into easy to handle sheets for simple storage and transportation.


Innovative, hexagonal tiles create an easily portable surface and feature a diamond-plate pattern texture that increases pedestrian and vehicle grip for increased safety. Perfect for pathways, motor pools, temporary roadways, and tent floors for civilian or military applications.



This highly shock-absorbent pad-and-pour flooring system is more affordable than traditional hardwood systems and is available in a wide variety of colors to match school or corporate colors. Custom logos can also be integrated into the finished design to create an exciting environment.


Wood-look rolled vinyl flooring that offers the traditional style and impact-absorption without the cost or high-maintenance that are typically associated with hardwood flooring. Extremely quick and easy to install, this is the perfect choice if you need classic looks on a limited budget.


A beautiful, hardwood system made from beech wood planks finished with polyurethane for long life, this is much quicker to install than traditional wood products and is available with a number of different subflooring styles to fine tune the floor’s performance. A premium option for facilities that want a traditional floor.


CPDFC by Signature

Premium large panel dance floors suitable for indoors and out. California Portable Dance Floor Company was added to the Signature Systems Group family in 2015. Over 50 years of experience hand-crafting dance floors makes this product line the leader in portable dance floors. Choose from a wide variety of dance floor options: composite laminate, vinyl, wood, square, round, oval and more.

DanceDeck® Deluxe

Elegant and simple to use, these tiles combine the best features of a classic, real wood surface and an affordable, easy to install snap-together plastic tile. Great for anyone that needs a portable floor but wants the warmth and looks of a classic parquet-wood floor.


Affordable and easy to care for snap-together vinyl tiles create a danceable surface over virtually any stable surface, including carpet and concrete. An ideal floor for all types of casual dancing styles and the perfect choice for churches, schools, restaurants, bars, or nightclubs looking for a practical temporary dance floor.


One of our most affordable modular flooring options, these versatile plastic tiles use a simple, snap-together connection and are available in a wide variety of colors. Perfect for use at athletic facilities, schools, workshops, or in the home.



We carry a complete range of trade show and exhibit flooring, including portable subfloors, modular staging, rolled rubber and vinyl, event carpeting, colorful modular tiles, and real wood temporary flooring. Our sales team has extensive experience working within these industries and is happy to help recommend specific products.



Simple-to-use and easy-to-store modular staging that is perfect for both novice and experienced users. A system of collapsible risers and platforms allows it to be set up very quickly and the assembled stage has a carpeted surface that provides a finished look, right out of the box! Great for creating choral risers, speaking platforms, or performance stages.


Our fully-adjustable, professional-grade modular staging is very rugged and offers a huge amount of versatility. Modular legs and feet allow the staging to be set up over uneven ground indoors or out and a wide range of accessories allows for complete customization. Ideal for trade shows, concerts, and outdoor performances.



The ultimate ice surface protection system can handle both heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This large-panel system features a durable cam-lock system for a positive connection between panels and is ideal for arenas that are looking for the very best protection for their playing surface.

EventDeck Ice®

A very easy to use, highly versatile, snap-together ice protection system is perfect for protecting your ice surface from pedestrian traffic and can even handle light vehicle traffic, increasing the versatility of any facility or ice arena.



Our lightweight, portable outfield fencing panels are available with folding foot system and a highly visible top rail for increased safety. Constructed from PVC, these panels are easy to install, store compactly, and are very versatile. Great for schools or baseball and softball tournaments, or even lightweight crowd control


High quality, lightweight, elegant event fencing made from durable PVC and available in a number of different designs to suit different themes and styles. Perfect for crowd control at upscale events, at amusement parks, athletic stadiums, and tournaments.


CrowdStopper steel barricades are in wide use at concerts, special events, sporting events, parks, parades, and anywhere an easily transported crowd control barricade system is required. CrowdStopper baricades are made from ultra-durable steel tubing and feature an easy-to-use hook and half-loop connection system and your choice of removable feet and/or colorful PVC vinyl coating.

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